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Much has been said about the beauty of Croatia. ''Heaven on Earth'' has been described in many books by artists, in paintings and countless photographs….

''God wanted to crown his creation, so on the last day he created the Croatian Adriatic from his tears, the stars and sea breeze'', wrote an author long ago about the splendour of this most beautiful and preserved ecological corner of the modern world.

Long beaches, rocky mountains within reach of the sea, fervent summers, untouched nature and unique city monuments have turned the vacations of many travellers into an exceptionally beautiful dream. It is often said that most travellers by chance stumble across the Adriatic. Every other visit discovers more and more of the diversity, blessendness and hospitality of this land. It would seem that we are not objective to those who have not visited this jewel of the Mediterranean. The only way to prove our objectivity is trough ones own experience of the sea with its thousands islands…

Povlja is situated 40 km east of Supetar, a ferry port on the central Dalmatian island of Brac that is connected to the cities of Split and Makarska by daily ferry lines. Several archeological sites from ancient times and medieval edifices can be found in Povlja: ruins of an early Christian Basilica from the 5 th century, Croatia's only octagonal baptisery with dome, ruins of a Benedictine monastery and tower.

If you would like to play sports while on holiday we recommend water sports such as: sailing, surfing and diving. Due to fishing and locally grown food, your hospitable hosts will offer you tasty dishes.